Liguria: through my eyes

From lost inland villages to world famous seaside towns, I consider “Liguria” to be not only my home but also a beautiful region set in between sea and mountains in Northern Italy, a land of many attractive landscapes and interesting traditions still waiting to be discovered. Liguria is the home to tasty culinary delicacies like the green pesto sauce, it has a strong history still visible in the architecture of its capital Genova and for – the nature lovers – breathtaking views of the Unesco heritage seaside villages of Cinque Terre. Famous poets have also come to live here and set in some of the most picturesque hideaways of the Mediterranean Sea…

I have recently started to gather together a photographic collection of images taken in different parts of the region during my visits back home, with the aim of portraying Liguria’s beauty and personality through my experience and artistic interpretation.

“Liguria: through my eyes” is an ongoing personal project only at the early stages, made of fine art giclee (archival) limited editions images printed on wooden blocks, entirely crafted by myself. Come back and visit my gallery from time to time, it will be regularly updated with photos from Liguria.

If you wish to learn more or purchase one of my artwork pieces you can contact me at


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